By Transmountain Optimist Club.        El Paso, Texas

Who's Next?!


Sponsor - RICH: Desert Downs BMX Track
​Name: RICH: Richard Eggers
Nickname: RICH: "Maverrick"
Age Group/Class: RICH: 46 & over Intermediate USA BMX
Favorites: RICH: Long Walks on short pier
Food: RICH: Pizza (Papa Johns)
 All Time Favorite Movie: RICH: RAD
Actor/ Actress: RICH: Tom Cruise
TV Show: RICH: The Big Bang Theory
 Class in the last school you attended: Math
 Hero’s: RICH: My Dad, and all the people that help at the Track!  
  Color: RICH: Blue
 Bike: RICH: Redline (MINE)
 Music/Band: RICH: Def Leppard 
  Quote: RICH: "If you are not first, you are last" - Ricky Bobby 
​Something People don't know about you: RICH "I play Call Of Duty, and I am pretty good, if I say so, myself"; "I also like doing yard work. It is very relaxing."
TIPS/HINTS for others: RICH "Go hard all the way. Even if you are last/losing, never quit, you don't know what will happen, and you are helping yourself get better for the future."