By Transmountain Optimist Club.        El Paso, Texas

Our Philosophy is we want to have FUN for the whole family. We want to detach from the electronics of our day and get out and do something with the family. We want the entire family to enjoy each other and other families (not to mention singles, too). At the same time, we can be out moving around and getting a little bit of exercise (we can all use more) and challenge each other.

FUN: Did we mention Fun? We want to encourage everyone to come out and try it. Have you ever tried something you were pushed to do, afterwards saying to yourself “I am glad I did that!”? Well that is what we want here and we want you to be a part of it.

Individual Performance: I know it seems we are focusing on family, and then mention individual, but this is a VERY important skill to develop. Individual performance is something we can help with to help us learn how to be more effective in working with others (in teams). Some ways we can look at this is maybe how an individual teacher works to teach a student, but they are part of a team of teachers that teach students a well-rounded education. A football player can learn to throw a ball accurately as an individual and then perform for his team, by throwing the winning touchdown pass.

SKILLS (Mental and both Bike & Physical):  You can learn how to ride better than you ever have, or at least in a long time. These balance skills work for you physically, too. It will also help you get in better shape.

Competition: Competition is everywhere in life; business, sports, school, etc. We can help all of us learn how to deal with competition in a positive way.  

Deal with Failure: Let’s face it. There is going to be failure in everything we do. We need to help learn how to deal with that in a positive way. Learn how to learn from our mistakes. We think that in our society today, it seems that a lot of us could stand to learn to be positive when we deal with failure.

Deal with success/Humility: We feel that this is something that is overlooked today. How do we want our kids to learn to be successful, but not learn to deal with success? Teach them humility and respect.

How to set and achieve goals: This seems very important, but how often do we focus on this? We want to make sure we teach our kids (and us) to learn from failure and how to set goals to be better. This is a normal thing in life. In order to teach them how to achieve, we need to have those learn to properly set goals and to achieve them.

Deal with adversity: This is something we have to do in life. Maybe we can try to use BMX in order to help us learn how to deal with it effectively.  

Diet and fitness: We all know our kids like to eat candy all the time, but we can help show them how if they eat good things and drink good things, they can perform better.

Leadership and Problem Solving Skills: Well we know this goes hand-in-hand with other skills we are looking at improving here, but there are lots of things we work on. We fix machines, fix tools, invent new tools, but one of the biggest things we do is design and rebuild tracks and jumps. When we do this, we get some kid input, parent input, but always the rider input! We have to work together, and accomplish a particular goal.