We need BIOS on the following AWESOME PEOPLE:

  • Sue Rossen
  • Mike Rossen
  • Mike Baker
  • Clint Nelms
  • Shain Bollen
  • Scott Johnson
  • Darrell Carr
  • Craig Prince
  • David Romaka
  • Sean Romaka
  • Doug Deming
  • Carrie Deming
  • John Deming
  • Eric Nystie (Hope it is spelt right)
  • Steve Pringle
  • Danny Saminiego 
  • Tom Bakofski
  • David Banuelos JR
  • Angela Banuelos
  • Celena Pendly
  • Darrel Pendly
  • John Darwin
  • Craig Wilkenson
  • Steve Stripling
  • Robert Mimms
  • Shannon Hughes

  • ANYONE ELSE THAT USED TO RACE HERE at Desert Downs. We want to know about how well you are doing


Full Name:
Are you Married:
If So, How Long have you been Married: 
How many children do you have (What class do they race if they do):                                                         
What is your Profession:                   
How long have you been doing that:         
What Hobbies do you have now:

When did you race at Desert Downs (What years):       
What Class did you Race:     
What was your Favorite Desert Downs Memory:         
What were some of the Traditions they did at Desert Downs when you raced here:      
What do you like best about the sport of BMX:          
What goals do you have for the future:                          
Who are some of your Hero’s and Why:                      
What tips do you have for parents/kids who just start in BMX:
What Parenting Tips do you have:             
What Tips do you have about Life in General:                                             

What is your Favorite Quote/Saying:         

Who do you feel that should also be interviewed for the Honor Page:              

Please send any old photos you may have (Scanned and emailed is great!).                           

Our Honor Page is to put out people that spent time racing here at Desert Downs BMX Track and focus on the positive outcome they have achieved in their life. Setting a positive example for all of us (If you know someone let us know).

By Transmountain Optimist Club.        El Paso, Texas